Daniel Y. Harris
I, in lingual rupture, embossed with the

seal, burn blind to graft the yellow star

of transit, wear a mask of ash over a half

century of rites.


I, specter on hiatus, clad in sackcloth,

am hypertext, timpani of digits, remain

landed in chips, sites, fissures, soft as code



I, textile of the mark, curate injury, say,

inter alia, wound, itself apart from the

forensic other, refuse conversion on a

day without light.


I, barcode and libido of might am here

after rapture, extermination and fetish,

by dint chosen, feverish, answering a

multiple choice.


I, in taxes and credit, hold a final salvo

in ibid and pass through graves in green

fields and podcasts to speak of genes

before signing.


  Daniel Y. Harris, M.Div, holds a Master of Arts in Divinity from The University of Chicago, where he specialized in Jewish theology and comparative religion and wrote his dissertation on The Zohar. He is the author of the forthcoming poetry book, Unio Mystica. He is a widely published poet, essayist and visual artist. Among his credits are: The Pedestal Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, In Posse Review, Mad Hatters’ Review, Zeek, Sein und Werden, Poetry Salzburg Review, The Blue Jew Yorker, Wilderness House Literary Review, Poetry Magazine.com, Denver Quarterly, Convergence and The Other Voices International Project. Among his art exhibitions credits are: The Jewish Community Library of San Francisco, Market Street Gallery, The Euphrat Museum and The Center for Visual Arts. He earns his living as Northwest Regional Director of Development for Canine Companions for Independence. His website is www.danielyharris.com.
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