does that mean what? simply knowing not to remember is everything
that does why to who I do not know so when it will occur despite the
difference of the substance known or unknown under all condition the
truth be said sounding right over there under the bed the unprocessed
electric bulb hissing in the socket the message in three qualities meant
in a series a long string of dangers waiting years to spring the warning
whispering on the other side of the door suddenly too fast the minutes
tick away the eye possible to see the alarmed skin trembling the thump
of the bass beating in the ears jumping to the touch the sting stung and
once it is over the denouement afterwards didn’t seem so bad after all

  satnrose is a well-known antiquarian bookseller, and formerly a not-so-secret messenger in the innermost depths of Capitol Hill and K Street. He has been published in a number of literary magazines, but since his reincarnation as 'satnrose' last year, he has been published in EVERGREEN REVIEW, ICONOCLAST, DANSE MACABRE, COUNTEREXAMPLE POETICS, OYSTERS & CHOCOLATE, APPARATUS, GLOOM CUPBOARD, ESCAPE INTO LIFE, BRING THE INK, SHOOTS AND VINES, ESKIMO PIE, BARE BACK, LITERARY TONIC, CLEAN SHEETS, MAD SWIRL, LITSNACK, METAZEN, THE NOVEMBER 3RD CLUB, etc. and has poems in forthcoming issues of THE ANN ARBOR REVIEW, THE TOWER JOURNAL, FULL OF CROW, STRAY BRANCH, MASTODON DENTIST, GINOSKO LITERARY JOURNAL, ABJECTIVE, ANEMONE SIDECAR, wtf.pwm, etc. 
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