The Bio of
Boris Abramovitch
Boris Abramovitch aka The Iron Kugel’s album Kill Goy (Def Jam Recordings, 2001) is ranked by Rolling Stone as #8 on its "500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” In 1995, when Boris was only fifteen years old he accidentally learned that his mother had been raped by a Cossack in the Odessa Pogrom of 1821 and that he was in fact only half Jewish. In order to prove that he was a complete Jew he started using heavy drugs and in 1997 became the first recipient of the Michael J. Solomon scholarship for excellence in crack-cocaine. Unable to shake the legacy of his Cossack father, the following year he hunted down the 204 year old man and killed him by shoving his face into a flushing toilet, but not before his father was able to impart to him the fine art of killing Jews. While serving his two-week term in the infamous Russian prison, the Lubyanka, he met the ghost of Isaac Babel, a.k.a., the Jewish Jay-Z, and began to compose rap lyrics. Upon his release, Mr. Abramovitch was greeted by helicopter by the actual Jay-Z who flew him directly to a recording studio in Helsinki to make his seminal album, Kill Goy.

      The lyrics of “Oiye Vey Motherfucker” from the critically acclaimed album Kill Goy

Yeah, I killed Jesus!  What you gonna do about it?

Round up the rest of us like the Krout’s did it!
You know I’m oh so Syphilitic, genetically unfit,
Its just about impossible for me to productively get wit it,
In my veins, its not blood that flows, but the most rancid shit,
Shit, I didn’t just bite the apple, I swallowed the pit,
As I try to release these rhymes, I find, I can barely sit
As some kind of self-hate boils up in me to the edge of a convulsive fit
My stomach breaks open to the rotten marrow of this harrowing
melody little bit:
Oiye Vey Mother fucker, Oiye Vey, Oiye Vey
Oiye Vey, Mother fucker, Oiye Vey,
Oiye yoi yoi.....
Blood in my Matzas
Blood in my Matzas
I need blood in my motherfucking Matzas
Steal rhymes, then add lots of, swallowed soul,
Sell them at half price as wholesale syllables of gold
Peddle the untold, debilitated at just 22 years old,
What’s this? What’s this?
I need to take another drink from all the worlds cultures,
This time drink straight from their veins,
Then squawk with my vultures,   
Blood in my Matzas,
I said I need Blood in my motherfucking Matzas
Squawk, because we got lots of
Oh yeah, we got lots of oiyes,
And we got lots of veys
And Oiye veys
I said Oiye-ee-oiye Vey Mother fucker, Oiye-ee-Oiye fucking Vey
Oiye Vey, Mother fucker, Oiye Vey, Motherfucker

Yeah, come for me Goy, come for me
Come and we’ll see,
Goy, breathe this, the vapors released from my Briss
Please drink in all my Typhus,
And if that’s not enough
Open your mouth wider,
And we can add some piss...
Yeah, come for me Goy, come for me
Cause I’m coming for you,
Yeah, I’m coming with my oiyes,
And my veys

And I said Oiye yoi yoi vey
Oiye Vey Mother fucker, Oiye Vey, Oiye Vey
Oiye Vey, Mother fucker, Oiye Vey

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