The Bio of
Jonah Crantz
Jonah Crantz has published 75,613 individual poems. He works for the City of Des Moines Public Works Department, Defective Sidewalks Division. When not surveying tarmac and publishing poetry, Mr. Crantz enjoys reading the works of Shul Hemorvitz, the Polish 18th century mitnagdic rebbe who was beaten death and eaten by the Cossacks. 


The great Reprover has ended His vivisection.
The sulphate day is over and the drones are cloning.
How pardoned all that has been purged was probate

by us, how maggidic all that should be said. Gray
prophets will go in phlegm. It smells, remove it.  
The devourers will hazard the crunched shellac.

The sentence is stark. The occlusion, a dip. Wrapped
and sustained through the davening of weathered
droids, for we, I demur, are the dusty relics flung

in the wake of The Ancient of Days. I remain like
an outdare with ten pens and two fingers: the rabbi
of loss with his consort, the shekhinah strapped

like a dominatrix, immortal with an itch. Creature,
the man-beast, golemic with the cranium of a pill
bug, deliver me from the fetish of response. Amen.

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