The Bio of
Bernice Goldman
Bernice Goldman (October 9, 1931 – July 4, 1999) holocaust survivor and experimental psychiatrist is best known for her radical anti-therapy movement Oedipedics. In 1944, she along with her entire family were deported from their native Hungary to the famous Nazi Jewish retirement community today known as Auschwitz. The severely disturbed Ms. Goldman was the only member of her family to rejoin the work force of life. After completing her Medical degree at Harvard she worked at Camarillo State Hospital where she administered first hand experiences of Auschwitz’s hygienic policies to patients. Dissatisfied with her institutional research, Dr. Goldman began treatment with the renowned Carl Jung in 1959. Everyday until his death in 1961, the two doctors fucked liked supernatural totemic rabbits on his 16th century Turkish rug. It was only after the good doctor’s passing that Bernice Goldman fell into a five-year abyss of near suicidal depression. At the bottom of this dark and bitter pit she formulated her theory of Oedipedics. This action based idea declared not only that the Oedipus Complex was correct, but that acting out its core drama with as many partners as possible in real life was the true calling of every man, woman and child. With the fanatic zeal of a convert to her own religion she set across the globe lecturing, conducting workshops, murdering and fornicating. Ironically, she was imprisoned by Austrian officials in 1997 and died of a heart attack while playing her old favorite Auschwitz past time, Ping Pong in the rec-room. It can be said that she passionately and bravely destroyed many lives along the way.

  Excerpted from Notebooks of a Mad Stray: The Unknown Writings of Bernice Goldman 
(Jason Aronson, 2002) Collected and annotated by Diane Ambers


                              June 4, 1967 2:00AM –
Revelation on a balcony, Cyprus

What’s all this hubabaloo about Jack and Jill
and their prosthetic breast of a hill,

When little Jack has always been in night sweats
over this fairytale of Jill’s father,

This projected darkness of the hill,

Jack ravage the hill with your wolf’s teeth,

Jack kill for Jill’s petals unfold in your blindness.

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