The Bio of
 October Haverim
October Haverim is an iconoclast, a droidic übermensch who manifests within himself the true nature of Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Zarathrustra.” Mr. Haverim sports a tattoo on his arm which says “God is dead and I have killed him.” He embodies the very core of Internet media, being himself one of the inventors of digital deoxyribonucleic acid known by the trade mark DDA® and accessible at DDA® has three rivals: the Library of Congress, the Vatican and Microsoft—each are strategic targets for what Mr. Haverim charmingly dubs “creative usurping.” DDA® exercises the privilege of translating every document that it posts into the world’s 6,700 languages. In fine, DDA® releases a minimum of 6,700 unique issues per minute or (525,600 x 6,700 = 3,521,520, 219 issues per year.) Mr. Haverim’s rivals have called him “a plebian masquerading as a parasite” while sentencing him to a ceaseless barrage of viral Spam. Bloggers lacerate his character and vulgarity on a daily basis. He is simultaneously listed at the head of America’s Most Wanted, wanted by The Hague War Tribunals, boasts two fatwās and the honor of having a nuclear weapon intended for him alone. On Saturday, May 23rd, 2005, Mr. Haverim, identified at that time by approximately 1,117 separate aliases, vanished. No further issues of DDA® ensued. In fact, the very last issue released at 11:27 am on May 23rd, 2005, remains frozen in cyberspace at his distinctive Url. The following hyper-extended text with its savage metalepsis can be viewed on his homepage. 


Limbic behavior occurring at the daemon bifurcation: the attracting/de-acting fpoint “collides” repelling period q-cycle −1.401155 or −0.1528 + 1.0397i#@endtime, volution function discrete/waxy non/post/ur/linear dynamical system: lap numbers of the iterates X-ray—paramour diffraction and scattering points tilt 995-223156 to damage cyber mortification and imposture bromide, dragging of the alias, septic, for the latrine heads and homunculi posturing chariot mucous, a Lord Protector shredded limb by limb: raven.

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