The Bio of
 Max Rose
Max Rose was born with two penises. At his bris the mohel argued with his father for nearly seven straight hours about whether both organs needed revision. If the coming of sunset did not threaten the mitzvah, each man would have yelled the other into his grave. In the end, one phallus was left for Torah, the other….well, for the Shiksas. The noted neo-Freudian literary critic Grayson Fruthers once stated, “Rose’s text originates from man beyond man.” This statement is supported by the super-reality that Max Rose has won no less than fourteen National Book Awards. In 2005, Max’s treyf penis was surgically removed after his cardiologist insisted that a sixty-nine year old heart could no longer safely pump blood for two. The penis was embalmed and is on permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum in New York City. Max remains on his harem/compound somewhere in Oklahoma.

Excerpt from Shylock’s Fork (Shocken Books, 2002)

To what acceleration the dual appendage contradicts? There is only the envy of the one’s skin sensing disharmony against a rival. The dissonance of female mirroring female. I crave penetration at the counterpoint of a broken parallel. Not even ten fingers at ten gates uphold the double revolver. Mostly, I pity the empty mechanics of observer. Three hearts beating to appropriate the central cyborg unit in divergence, yet pimping a refusal of a theoretical fourth’s entreaty. Below the unbleached emergence of night, we contemplate limitation. We remember that even two poses a threat. Later, each body spread out like a victim’s eye: These bodies with human touch lost in touching a human body. This sudden hypertrophy of synchronicity.
This unannounced breath of impossible calm.

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