The Bio of
Seymour Rosenhat
Seymour Rosenhat, acclaimed international artist, Dip. Arch (Dist.), M. Arch (UXL), was born in 1980 in Lumox, Texas. He studied Architecture at the RWOP Zychen, Hungary, the University of Applied Arts in Manheim, Germany (master class of Dogmar M. Vix), and finished his studies at the Bramlett School of Architecture. (Distinction in Design, Commendation LUDITE Silver Medal 2001; Winner UBER+ prize 2001). He has worked as a design architect for Blob Cumelbled in Minsk, he collaborated with Bagel Floats on various projects (Sactacity, Venice Biennale 2008) and works as a consultant for several offices in Lumox, Texas. Rosenhat has taught architecture at universities including London, Fresno, Tour and Buttingham. He runs BS23 at the Royal College of Art in England together with Billy Bob Lazzi. Rosenhat is also curating the International Below Architectural Lecture Series at the University of Kruzia with Denny Itsu, and is a Unit Master of the first-year programme at the Architectural Association.

Excerpt from I’m a Rat: The Life of a Plasticist (City Lights Books, 2008)  

Suck the acerbic stench from chiascuro—leave the pallid face exposed to a cerulean wind—the focal point of the chromatic palette with burnt umber—the ceaseless angst—the hand of scale with its wiry rodentia—bastard muroid—moldy slice of Munster—the plastic tibia to chew raw—model to bone—twittering machine—Medusa’s raft with clots—the blotted lever—clever plastic underworld—to tumor the angling light which drains the rustic cabin on the lake where an unidentified creature roams—Styrofoam’s biodegradable malaise—artflow sabotage annihilates the second commandment—the graven substitute people for cutlery and healing warts.

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