The Bio of
Michael J. Solomon
Michael J. Solomon was born on New York City’s Lower East Side where at seventeen he murdered his rabbinic father when the stupid man tried to prevent him from selling his Bar Mitzvah gift Talmud for opium. During his seventeen-year prison sentence <according to the gematria (Jewish mystical numerology), thirty-four (17 + 17 for you goyim who can’t uncover numbers and add) is the Hebrew word for “and live”> Mr. Solomon corresponded with luminaries such as Michel Foucault and Allen Ginsberg. Two days following his release from prison Michael Solomon was found naked and strangled in a Bronx junkyard bathtub. The manuscript for 34, what The New York Times would later call “thirty-four uncanny bombs of the most darkly genius poetry of our time” was found beside him on a toilet with precise instructions for publication. To date, the book has been translated into exactly thirty-four languages across the globe. In 1996, the Michael J. Solomon Foundation was created in his memory to provide scholarships for young and aspiring Jewish drug addicts.


Man comes into this world as a dismembering fart,
then whispering whiskey colostomy bottle
he suckles mother’s mutilation till a final
tic’s belly tick tock pops and the sum wave
of his shit maelstrom descends grander time.

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